Downtown Medical Clinic: Covid-19 Alert


As we move forward during COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing strategies geared towards the ongoing safety of our patients and staff.

Reducing the risk of transmission

Infection control is not new to medical practice. Physicians have always prioritized safety and control of infection transmission. Adaptation of infection control procedures specific to COVID-19 during this pandemic will mitigate the risk of clinical transmission of the COVID virus.

Here are specific measures we will be taking during this period:

* Patients should come alone to the clinic, except for children who may be accompanied by only ONE parent/guardian.
* Bring your own mask and wear it throughout your visit to the clinic. We can provide one if necessary but with limited supplies, this could become a challenge.
* Clean your hands with hand sanitizer, available in the clinic, when you arrive, and when leaving. Avoid touching anything while in the clinic.
* We will schedule your next appointment during your visit, over the phone or you can book online.
* Please keep 6 feet distance from staff and other patients as much as possible.
* Family practice patients, as well as walk-in patients, will all have an appointment time to minimize the number of patients in the clinic at any given time.
* If you have a cough, running nose, fever, or sore throat, or if you have traveled outside Canada recently, please inform our staff so that we can book a phone consult with your physician.
* Do not come to the clinic until you speak with your physician over the phone.

We will not compromise on the quality of your healthcare. We will always do our best to be efficient and effective.

Warmest personal regards,

Dr. Osato Egbagbe