Clinic Policy

Downtown Medical Clinic: Your health. Our Mission

Our practice is guided by the following guidelines and policies, please read them carefully and give us a call if you have any questions.

1. We shall strive to treat each patient as a unique person and make every visit a positive experience.

2. We strive to provide timely and efficient appointments. In most cases, same day appointments are available. Due to time constraint, the doctor may not be able to address all your concerns in one visit and would ask you to book a follow up to allow for proper assessment.

Although we try to stay on schedule, sometimes this is not always possible due to patients with a complex medical need. In such situations, we provide you with a private room to wait for your appointment in keeping with our COVID-19 protocols. If you prefer to wait outside the clinic or reschedule your visit, please let the receptionist know. In order to maintain social distancing, we do our best not to have more than one patient at the reception at any given time and do not allow multiple patients waiting at the reception area. 

3. Due to COVID-19, we now provide virtual care if your assessment can be completed over the phone within 10 minutes.

4. For booked appointment, we require 24 hour notice for appointment cancellation/rescheduling. You may cancel/reschedule your appointment by calling, faxing or sending us an email. There is a $50 charge for regular missed appointment or same day cancellation/rescheduling. Missed appointment or same day cancellation/rescheduling for complete physical exam and IUD insertion will incur a higher charge. If you are running late for your appointment, please call the clinic to see if you could be accommodated for that appointment, or rescheduled.

5. There is a fee for uninsured services. We will notify your prior to providing you with such services.

6. We do welcome walk-in if we can see you within a reasonable time. Please note that those with appointments will be given priority. We strongly encourage all patients to book an appointment when coming in to see their doctor. This will ensure timeliness and an unhurried visit experience. 

7. If we refer you to a specialist and you are not notified of an appointment date within 2 to 4 weeks, please contact us by phone, email or fax to look into the status of your referral. Although we do our best to refer you to a specialist with a short wait time, we do not have control over specialist wait time or how soon you will be contacted for your appointment with the specialist. 

8. If you have any concerns about a staff or the clinic operations, kindly call and ask to speak with the clinic manager or send us an email. You may also drop a letter for the clinic manager. Your feedback is important to us.